Ultraceuticals Christmas 2023 Gifting

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Ultraceuticals Christmas 2023 Gifting


What better way to celebrate the spirit of giving this Christmas than the gift of radiant, healthy skin? With science-backed formulas and tailored solutions to treat different skin concerns, this year's ultimate present embodies luxury and offers the gift of glowing, rejuvenated skin. At Ultraceuticals, we have a selection of Christmas gifts this year that will make your Christmas shopping hassle-free.

Mattifying Duo Gift Set

The Mattifying Duo is aimed at those with oily skin who want to keep their skin hydrated yet shine-free. It's a common misconception that oily skin cannot be dehydrated. However, it's important to remember that dehydration occurs when there's excessive water loss in the skin, which can happen with dry and oily skin.

It contains the Ultra Hydrating Lotion, which contains Sodium Hyaluronate, an essential hydrating ingredient reported to hold 1000 times its weight in water. It also contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which help to condition and soothe the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and balanced. You can use this in the morning and evening.

Wearing sunscreen every day is essential to help protect the skin from premature ageing. Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF50 Mattifying is ideal for those with oily or combination skin as it absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a matte finish. It feels lightweight on the skin and doesn't clog the pores or leave an oily residue on the skin.

Soothe & Calm Gift Set

For those with normal to sensitive skin, the Soothe & Calm set has a trio of products designed to restore hydration, soothe and calm the skin, helping to reduce redness.

Those with sensitive skin need an ultra-mild cleanser like the Ultra Calming Cleanser, which gently removes dirt, excess oils and makeup from the skin's surface while supporting the skin's barrier.

Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum is a moisture-enhancing oil-free serum that contains Provitamin B5 (Panthenol) and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) combined with Sodium Hyaluronate to give long-lasting hydration to the skin while helping to support vital moisture balance in the skin.

If you have sensitive skin, you'll know how great it is to find a moisturiser to calm and hydrate the skin. Ultra Calming Moisturiser Cream hydrates, conditions and supports the skin's lipid barrier thanks to a powerful blend of Ceramides, Prebiotics and Phytosterol.

Brighten & Clarify Gift Set

Aimed at those with normal, dry, oily or combination skin is the Brighten & Clarify gift set

This set contains the award-winning Ultra Brightening Foaming cleanser, which gently removes daily residue and makeup, leaving your skin brighter, refreshed and more radiant. The brightening ingredient complex helps to support the skin's hydration while helping to give it a radiant glow.

Next on the list for brightening the skin is the Ultra Brightening Serum. This serum has a combination of brightening ingredients and exfoliators to help visibly even out the skin tone, giving more luminous, youthful-looking skin. AHAs and BHA work at exfoliating and refining the skin's texture, helping to unclog pores.

Soothe and hydrate the skin with Ultra Hydrating Skin Mist and enjoy the refreshing aroma of Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Geranium Oil and Ylang Ylang.

Protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the sun is an excellent way to help prevent premature skin ageing. Our best-selling Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 50 Hydrating is lightweight and has a non-whitening formula that transforms from a cream to a serum as it melts into the skin.

Luminous Skin Gift Set

This brightening duo is sure to bring radiance back to your skin with the Ultra Brightening Foaming Cleanser's brightening ingredient complex, which supports the skin's hydration while helping to give it a luminous glow. It contains cucumber extract, which provides the skin with a freshly cleansed feeling and has a beautiful cooling effect.

The gift set also contains the Ultra Brightening Moisturise Cream, which nourishes the skin's lipid barrier, helping to leave the skin feeling hydrated. It also has a complex of skin-brightening ingredients for a brighter, more even and radiant complexion.

Optimal Hydration Gift Set

The Optimal Hydration Gift Set is an essential trio to balance and maintain hydration levels and is suitable for all skin types.

It contains the Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum, which uses the power of Provitamin B5 (Panthenol) and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) combined with high levels of Sodium Hyaluronate to help support vital moisture balance and provide long-lasting hydration to the skin.

The Ultra Moisturiser Cream is essential to help maintain the skin's optimum hydration levels. Vitamin E, Sodium Hyaluronate and Ceramide NP retain the skin's moisture levels, bind hydration and enhance moisturisation.

The Ultra Hydrating Skin Mist leaves the skin looking and feeling refreshed and softened, with an invigorating aroma of Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Geranium Oil and Ylang Ylang. Panthenol (Provitamin B5), Betaine and Sodium Hyaluronate help to support the skin's moisture levels, hydrate and nourish the skin lipid layer. You can use it as part of your morning and evening skincare routine, and you can also use it during the day to refresh your skin.

Celebration Collection Gift Set

The Celebration Collection Gift Set is perfect for optimal skin rejuvenation with five must-have skincare products.

Used morning, evening and during the day, the Ultra Hydrating Skin Mist is the pick-me-up that your skin needs. Not only will it leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed, but it hydrates the skin and nourishes the lipid layer, helping to retain moisture.

Ultra A Perfecting Serum contains high levels of Ultra-RETI TM (Retinol complex) microparticles to significantly condition and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you're looking for a smoother, more youthful-looking and radiant complexion, look no further.

Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum is a powerhouse serum for hydration and balancing moisture in the skin, giving your skin a more supple, dewy, youthful appearance.

Defy the signs of ageing with Ultra C Firming Serum, which features two powerful peptides and helps the skin look firmer. These peptides help support Pure Vitamin C's action, leaving it looking radiant and smooth.

SPF should be a part of your morning skincare routine to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays to help prevent premature skin ageing. Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 50 Hydrating is a non-whitening, lightweight sunscreen that melts into the skin quickly, giving the skin a boost of hydration while moisturising the skin.

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